As a serial entrepreneur, Kevin Kruse has seen time and again that the leadership practices that actually work are the opposite of what is commonly taught and implemented. Great Leaders Have No Rules shows how a contrarian approach can be a better, faster, and easier way to succeed as a leader.

Chapter by chapter, Kruse focuses on a piece of popular wisdom, then shows with real-world case studies and quantitative research that the opposite approach will lead to better results, encouraging leaders to play favorites, stay out of meetings, and, of course, close their open doors.








  • Double your productivity without feeling overworked and overwhelmed
  • Learn why millionaires don’t use to-do lists (and what they DO use)
  • Cure procrastination with the “Time Travel” trick
  • Use the Harvard “DDR Questions” to save 8 hours a week
  • Identify REAL priorities
  • Get zero emails in your inbox using 321Zero
  • Use the simple E-3C system will double your productivity
  • Reduce stress with the Richard Branson Tool
  • Leave work at 5:00 without feeling guilty
  • Run meetings like Apple, Google & Virgin
  • Conquer social media distractions





Imagine if you could:

  • Create massive emotional commitment among all your direct reports
  • Turn apathetic groups into high performance teams exhibiting huge discretionary effort
  • Be a leader who people fight to work with
  • Win a “Best Place to Work” award within 12 months

Indeed, you can do all that and more, and it doesn’t take a lot of time or a big budget.






  • Build your personal brand and a massive following.
  • Become a go-to Thought Leader in less than a year
  • Quickly build your audience using other people’s Facebook groups with the Visiting-Sherpa Strategy
  • Turn newsletter subscribers into “SuperFans” who buy everything you release with the Ben Franklin Effect
  • Generate sales from even the smallest list with the Intimate Attention Secret
  • Discover your subscribers’ true interests and needs with the Reply-Challenge Technique
  • Learn the secret to making an impact and creating a life that truly matters
  • FREE Online Course “Master Your Personal Brand” ($197 Value)




Employee Engagement For Everyone is your key to unlocking happiness and engagement at work. Packed with empowering exercises, surprising research and practical action items, you will discover:

  • The 4 drivers of happiness and engagement
  • Your own personal engagement style
  • 60+ specific actions you can take to drive your own engagement and the engagement of others
  • How to deal with “Debbie Downer” at work
  • The power of “5 Daily Engagement Questions







What if every single employee-every single one-worked in their dream job, utilized their best talents, worked with an inspirational leader and was fully engaged in their role?

For companies, this scenario leads to breakthroughs in productivity, customer service, profitability, and shareholder value. For individuals, it means better health, stronger relationships with family and friends, and greater happiness. We sketches the landscape of today’s changing job environment and gives managers and individual employees alike a road map to full engagement.


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