• 51 Tips To Win At Life (Reflections On My 50th Birthday)

    By Kevin on June 14, 2017

    I recently turned 50 years old and decided it was a good time to jot down what I’ve learned, from many failures and some success, at how to win at life. I’m sure I’ll have very different ideas in the future, but this pretty much wraps it up for...

  • Why I Write Every Book For Gussie LaJean Crittle, And You Should Too

    By Kevin on February 20, 2017

    Taped to the bottom of my computer monitor is the obituary of a complete stranger. It’s only six sentences long; the death notice is of a woman named Gussie LaJean Crittle. Back on June 22 of 2014, I received an email with the subject, “I have no idea how...

  • Want to Get More Done? Try Taking More Breaks

    By Kevin on February 13, 2017

    Should you begin doing less, in order to accomplish more? Pulse And Pause You may have heard of studies indicating that humans are designed to “pulse” between expending energy and renewing energy. Tony Schwartz, founder of The Energy Project, teaches this. His research shows that humans naturally move from...

  • My Kids Are Straight-A Students And They Know Nothing

    By Kevin on January 16, 2017

    While this may seem like a story about my children, unfortunately it’s a story about leadership. Failed leadership at many levels. I have three teenage children and, for the most part, they get straight As in school. And I’m convinced they know nothing. (Sorry kids, it’s not your fault.)...

  • Tom Friedman’s Advice For Surviving the New Age

    By Kevin on June 23, 2014

    New York Times columnist Tom Friedman delivered today’s keynote speech at the SHRM annual conference in Orlando. The author of The World is Flat described how much the world has changed in just the last decade, with the invention and adoption of things like Facebook, Skype, and LinkedIn among other things. Human...

  • Advice to Younger Self From HRPBC

    By Kevin on May 29, 2014

    What advice would you give to a younger version of yourself? What tweetable bits of wisdom might we offer this season’s graduates? I recently spoke with a hundred professionals from the Human Resource Association of Palm Beach County, and they kindly submitted their words of wisdom. Tweetable Advice to...

  • Guanxi: Do You Store Your Knowledge In Your Network?

    By Kevin on May 20, 2014

    I think Dan Pontefract ( must be a brother from another mother. His views on the new world of work and ideas for new models of leadership and success align very closely with my own. What’s great is that Dan is a deep thinker who is also a practitioner....

  • Do You Self-Talk?

    By Kevin on May 7, 2014

    The WSJ ran an interesting article this week called, “Self-Talk, or a Heart-to-Heart With Your Closest Friend.” Researchers have found that talking to yourself is more common than most realize, and actually does work to improve performance. One key finding is that self-talk is more effective if you do...

  • 3 Business Success Tips From Kathy Ireland

    By Kevin on July 26, 2013

    I think most people remember Kathy Ireland as the supermodel who dominated Sports Illustrated swimsuit editions through the 80’s and into the 90’s. But did you know she is now the CEO of a $2 billion dollar global company? In a recent BusinessWeek article she offers three life lessons:...

  • Three Words To Stop Using Completely

    By Kevin on July 7, 2013

    Chad Hymas recently told me how he dramatically changed his life when he stopped using three words: I, me, my. He literally doesn’t use them in his talks, in his emails, not even in his text messages to his wife. He just omits them completely, or finds ways to...

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