• I Was A Popular, But Horrible Boss

    By Kevin on October 20, 2017

    For two decades I was a horrible boss. Most of the people who worked for me wouldn’t say that. Most of them liked me. I was popular, friendly, transparent, empowering, supportive. So what was the problem? I was non-confrontational. I didn’t give tough feedback. I let problems linger. Why?...

  • By Kevin on October 19, 2017

    Crazy good interview with David Letterman. His rivalry with Jay Leno was legendary as was his self-doubt and obsession with being #1. But he says now:   “It was ‘The Late Night Wars’, oh ‘Jay’s winning, nobody likes me, and everybody likes Jay…Now I think, what was that? Who’s...

  • The Stress Ritual I Use For Instant Calm

    By Kevin on October 19, 2017

    My friends call me stoic, Dr. Spock, or just Zen’d out. But the stress I’ve felt over the last 8 weeks has been crazy. Logically I know I shouldn’t feel stress. But anxiety isn’t logical. Anxiety means I’m living in the future. I’m worrying about things that haven’t happened,...

  • One Podcast Host’s Obsession Confession

    By Kevin on August 12, 2017

    I promise you this article isn’t about podcasting. I’ve made over 100 changes to my podcast, The LEADx Show, even though it only launched five months ago. I’ve changed the mic, changed the recording software, changed the entire show format, changed the type of guest I’m inviting, even added...

  • Why Successful People Never Bring Smartphones into Meetings

    By Kevin on July 24, 2017

    How can we be productive–how can we get DEEP WORK done–when we’re being barraged with endless text messages, emails and social media alerts? And when we do reach for our phones at work, many think we’re being rude. I discussed this issue a couple years ago on FOX.  

  • Hire Better People And You Won’t Need Rules

    By Kevin on September 15, 2016

    Previously I’ve written about the downside of rules at work and how rules can be replaced with Accountability and Transparency+Trust. In this article I’d like to explore the foundational solution, which is hiring great people. Do corporate rules really reflect a hidden hiring problem? What can we learn from...

  • Use Corporate Storytelling To Drive Brand Authenticity

    By Kevin on June 6, 2016

    Why do some brands appear so much more authentic than others? The quest for brand authenticity among marketers has become akin to the search for the Holy Grail—a fool’s errand that ends in frustration. Authenticity is a subject that is endlessly debated, poorly defined and universally desired. A new...

  • 7 Ways To Politely Say No To ‘Cup of Coffee’ Requests

    By Kevin on June 6, 2016

    “The difference between successful people and very successful people is that very successful people say ‘no’ to almost everything.” —Warren Buffett If you’re a consultant, author, coach, or highly successful in your field, you undoubtedly get emails and LinkedIn messages from people who want to talk to you. And as...

  • How To Sync Outlook Calendar With Google Calendar

    By Kevin on December 9, 2015

    Ultra-productive people don’t use to-do lists, but they DO live from their calendars. Time blocking and planning and working from your calendar is key. But what if you’re using two different calendars, one for work and one for personal? One of my productivity students, Karen, specifically asked me, “My...

  • The Productivity Secret That Enables Jack Dorsey To Run Two Companies At Once

    By Kevin on November 3, 2015

    Jack Dorsey was named CEO (again) of Twitter last month, and he’ll continue to hold the same title at pre-IPO Square. How can Dorsey run two companies when most of us struggle to keep up with one job? What’s his secret to getting it all done? I recently interviewed...