Kevin woke up the crowd in a very tough time slot…got them engaged and laughing. He gave ideas that could be implemented right away and his ending left everyone inspired.

– Elliot Clark, CEO, SharedXpertise


Kevin Kruse brings the real-world insights of an entrepreneur who has built and sold several multimillion dollar companies that have won both Inc 500 awards for fast growth, as well as Best Place to Work awards for employee engagement.

Providing more than just business entertainment, Kevin gives actionable advice that your people will use immediately, based on his own experiences and based on scientific research of over 10 million workers in 150 countries.

Kevin is a NY Times bestselling author of four books, including We: How to Increase Performance and Profits Through Full Engagement, is a Forbes leadership columnist and was named as one of the Top 100 Business Thought Leaders by Trust Across America.


From Me To We: Creating a Culture of Engagement, Alignment and Loyalty

Based on his NY Times bestseller, We, Kevin will share the surprising findings from a massive study of 10 million workers in 150 countries, along with his own experiences as a former “Best Place to Work” award-winning CEO. He will reveal the ways that emotions at work spill over to other areas of our life, and shows how growth, recognition and trust are the three keys to gaining massive emotional commitment and performance. Your audience will learn:

  • How “the engagement-profit chain” enables companies with engaged workers to achieve a 5x higher shareholder return
  • How the crossover effect causes emotions at work to impact their health, marriage and children
  • The secrets to building trust and future confidence (even during tough times or mergers!)
  • How 3-part “strategic recognition” can be used as a powerful motivator

Kevin concludes his talk with his signature, two-minute anchoring activity that prompted one participant to say, “You just changed my entire leadership focus. I’m walking out of here with a completely new mindset. Thank you.”


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What Others Are Saying

…everyone really enjoyed your presentation and you did a great job customizing it to Hudson’s people and environment.

– Sara H., Hudson Group

Outstanding. Great presentation.

– Ron, Dell

Your talk received a score of 11.089 out of 12, which means that it is now the #1 rated webinar from i4cp in the last five years.

– Patrick Bradshaw, i4cp

I loved your speech. It’s so critical for every CEO to hear.

– Dan Arkind, CEO, JobScore

Thanks Kevin…Definitely a great session.

– Karen Allen, Xerox

Terrific presentation today.

– W.M., Knowledge Solutions

You gave them a great wake-up call!

– Stephen Clancy

We asked Kevin to help us incorporate a two day Corporate Tax Team Engagement Workshop into a week long meeting. We brought together 30 people from four countries…with his expertise and excellent design for the workshop, participants were energized and very open with their ideas and participated fully. The leadership group was very impressed with the pace, participation, organization and results. We came away with lots of meaningful action items.

– Elizabeth Heck, VP Global Tax, SAP North America

Awesome Job Kevin! Everyone on our team really enjoyed your presentation, and appreciated how you kept everyone’s interest and attention and kept your presentation current! The points you covered can relate to any field but through the interactive roundtable exercises we could put your suggestions into real terms for our customers.

– Jamie Cox, Rosen Hotels & Resorts

The recent presentation you gave on the subject of Leadership to the Senior Officers of the 1st Marine Division at Camp Pendleton, CA was simply outstanding. Particularly noteworthy was your ability to captivate an audience that lives and dies by the strength of their ability to lead. In my 30 plus years of leading Marines I can say with confidence that you are clearly a thought leader on the subject of leadership. Moreover, your presentation was engaging, provocative, and held the attention of a very tough audience. Bravo Zulu!

– John T. Boggs, Colonel, U.S. Marine Corps (ret.)

I LOVED your presentation. I just yesterday launched our very first employee engagement survey thanks to you and will view this as a wonderful management tool moving forward. I certainly gave you the highest marks on my meeting evaluation and have already shared your book with several of my colleagues at a lunch last week. Needless to say I was not giving them the book but they took pictures on their cell phones so they could order one for themselves. Thanks for such a wonderful presentation that certainly made the meeting in Vancouver a hit with me.

– Sandra Katanick, CEO, Intersocietal Accreditation Commission

Just hung up from today’s webinar with K. Kruse on Great Leaders and Engagement. This was one of the BEST that I’ve attended in a long time. I think Mr. Kruse’s comments and observations were very on point, relevant and easy enough for people to recognize and relate to.

– Myra Lawson, Girl Scouts of USA

Excellent presentation today… the information you gave us today will be invaluable.

– R.L., New Flyer Institute

Terrific presentation today.

– W.M., Knowledge Solutions

This was a FANTASTIC webinar!! Certainly one of the BEST in a long time.

– J.H., Ansell


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