The Stress Ritual I Use For Instant Calm

By Kevin on October 19, 2017 in Uncategorized

My friends call me stoic, Dr. Spock, or just Zen’d out.

But the stress I’ve felt over the last 8 weeks has been crazy.

Logically I know I shouldn’t feel stress. But anxiety isn’t logical.

Anxiety means I’m living in the future. I’m worrying about things that haven’t happened, and 99% of the time won’t.

The triggers have been a book deadline, launching new products, raising money from investors. And of course those are just “things”…the emotions behind them are shame from disappointing others, self-esteem from making mistakes, fear of failure.

On my worst days I activate my “stress ritual”.

1) Body: Upright posture, roll my shoulders, deep cleansing breaths.

2) Gratitude: What are three things that flood me with a feeling of gratitude? The health of my kids, the sunny day and the miracle that I can see it, the fact that I’m not living in a refugee camp like 65 million people.

3) Action: What is the one thing I can do now to work on the things that are stressing me? Focus on that one thing.

Stress is counterproductive, and jeopardizes your health. If you want to get back to a place of calm and peak performance, create a stress ritual.

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